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Riviera Point

Riviera Point Apartment is a modern and comfortable residential area model of Singapore located adjacent to Phu My Hung Urban Area. The project is co-invested between Tan Truong Company and Keppel Land Group, a joint venture with an investment capital of more than 206 million USD with a scale of more than 8.9 hectares, including

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V-Star Tan Truong Luxury Apartment Complex

V-Star luxury apartment area is located in Tan Truong villa complex in South Saigon, close to Phu My Hung new urban area and adjacent to a series of other high-class housing projects in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. V-Star is an apartment brand of a Korean construction company – V-Con Invest with Tan Truong

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Tan Truong Villa Urban Area

The project has a scale of 14 hectares in Phu Thuan Ward, District 7. The whole project has 132 detached – semidetached villas, 38 semi-detached villas Tan Truong Villa Urban Area after completing the ground, most of the plots have been owned, the population also begins to focus on living stably to form a modern, dynamic

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